Why Your Penis Stretcher Does Not Work

Why your penis stretcher does not work and why you hate it

Using a penis extender can be a love-hate relationship for some men, but not all, in fact, most men who are looking to add inches to the length of their penis have been very successful.

Other men curss penis stretchers saying they had little or no effect on making their penis bigger, often blaming the product itself,  When in fact a lot had to do with their not knowing how to use it or “lack of patience”.

In this article I will discuss some of the common reasons why your penis stretcher does not work.

Why Your Penis Stretcher Does Not Work

A lot of men will order a product, open up the box but fail to read the instructions, strapping it on while not knowing exactly how it fits or how it should work.

If this is you, put everything back in the box, take a deep breath and if you are the impatient type, wait till the next day or when you have time to actually sit down and read the instructions or watch the video tutorial.

If you purchased any of the top 5 selling penis extenders it should have come with detailed instructions on how to use the device.

It’s hurting your penis

A common complaint on most forums is that some men become too overzealous and put to much tension on the penis, this can cause discomfort or mild bruising, that is why when you begin using any penis extender device you need to start out slow.

If you go to the gym for the very first time you don’t automatically stack on the weight and lift, do you? No, you gradually add weight as your body gets used to it. Penis enlargement is no different.

When using a penis extender for the first time you need to add tension slowly and increase it little by little, you can’t expect to add lots of tension but if you do it is going to hurt. Penis lengthening takes time and patience, go slow and after a few months, you will see the benefits.

Too much of a hassle

The penis stretchers I have used are pretty straightforward and not much of hassle at all, it takes me less than 5 minutes to put it on and adjust the tension, that’s is usually the most complicated part of the whole exercise, after that, I forget I am even wearing it.

Yo are not seeing results

Most penis extenders need to be worn at least 6 hours per day, I personally aim for 8 or 9 which is perfect, it fits within my work schedule. I think an 8 hour day is what most of us work and if you feel uncomfortable wearing one during the day try wearing it at night.

It is still uncomfortable to wear

If this is still the case I have to ask what did you buy, like anything else you get what you pay for, if you spent less than $100.00 on a penis extender it is most likely going to be uncomfortable, most of the high-end penis extenders spend a lot of money on research and development making them very comfortable.

If you bought a cheap unit then I would recommend tossing it out or giving it to a friend and start from scratch.

All in all, if you purchase a quality penis stretcher you should not have any issues with discomfort or pain, the only thing you should experience is gradual growth, most men will see an average increase of anywhere between 1.5- 3 inches in length after long-term use.


As a young man in my teens I was always self-conscious about the size of my penis, after many years I decided to do something about it. In the process, I have learned a lot from my own personal experience using different penis enlargement devices.

I have tried over a dozen of them.

I started this blog to share my knowledge with other men so that they can avoid some of the mistakes I made when choosing a product to help increase the size of my penis or improve erection quality.  All the reviews on my website are written by me and are based on my own experience and personal results.

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