Why a Big Penis is Important to Women

If you think a big penis is not important to women, think again. In this article, we discuss the reasons why a big penis is important to women and why you may want to consider making yours bigger.

A big penis is one of the most talked about and controversial subjects of all time, the truth is that for many women a big penis is just as important as big breasts are to some men. Not all men prefer big breasts, the same can be said for women, not all women prefer a big penis, but there are those women who do.

Why a Big Penis is Important to Women

Many surveys tend to downplay the importance of a big penis, you may say otherwise, but if three guys are standing naked in front of a woman, the guy with the biggest penis will be the chosen one. I have seen it before, not that I watch a lot of porn but in some of the amateur videos involving a threesome, the guy with the bigger package seems to be the one who gets more action.

Let’s look at some of the facts of how women look at a big penis

  • Anticipation for sex (more excitement)
  • A bigger penis is a strong masculine feature
  • Reaffirms he is a man
  • Man equals sex and security
  • More visual excitement
  • Bigger means more vaginal stimulation
  • A bigger penis can be more satisfying to women with large vaginas
  • A bigger penis is a symbol of fertility
  • A bigger penis implies to some women that a man is better at reproducing

While some of the reasons above may be somewhat far-fetched such as the  ability to reproduce, which is not true, but in a woman’s eyes deeper penetration might give women the perception of more effective insemination.

A woman’s vaginal pleasure during sexual intercourse is not greatly dependent on her partner’s penis size, for many women bigger is better but it is not exclusive to this. Some women might prefer a thinner but longer penis, while others may prefer a shorter but thicker one.  Some women may prefer a very thick and very long penis, this in no way means that an average sized or small penis cannot satisfy a woman.

The bottom line is that trying to explain a woman’s preference to penis size is not simple, there are too many factors involved. But just as some men may prefer women with big breasts, the same goes for women who are visually attracted to a big penis.

Visual excitement

A big penis is not the only visual feature women look at, in fact, most women look at many traits in a man that make him visually appealing which include:

  • A square robust body
  • Wide shoulders
  • Broad back
  • Small waist
  • Big- and toned muscles
  • Large hands
  • And yes a big penis

In a way, nature has a natural influence on a woman’s instinct, a strong man represents fertility, security and strong sex. So it’s hard to say that penis size does not matter.

What you can do

Having a small penis is not the end of the world, there are many things a man can do to increase the size of his penis, there are so many modern devices that can increase penis size, penis stretchers, pumps and even a surgical procedure can have a significant impact on increasing penis size. Many men have been able to increase the size of their penis anywhere from 2-3 inches in length, which is significant. So, now that you know why a big penis is important to women,  it might be time for you to do something about it.

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