What is a Penis Stretcher?

What is a penis stretcher? How do they make your penis bigger?

Penis stretchers have been around for at least two decades and have effectively offered men a safe alternative to surgery to increase the length of the penis.

A penis stretcher is a simple but effective mechanical device that is attached to the penis which can be manually adjusted in order to apply traction and gently extend the length of the penis, while it may sound painful and radical it is not, it is no different than a corrective action to having braces on your teeth.

If a penis stretcher is used as recommended it can be safely used for prolonged periods of time with no side effects, most men can expect to see a realistic length increase of about 2.5 to 3 inches and in some cases more.

The Penis Stretcher Mechanism

Most penis stretchers are similar in design in that there are two rings, one which fits at the base of the penis and the other fits at the penis glans or head. Some penis extenders use a basic plastic which can be very uncomfortable, while others use foam or silicone padding to comfortably accommodate any size penis, more expensive penis extenders allow the device to turn and rotate offering better comfort due to its ability to better conform and adjust to any size penis.

The Head Assembly

The head assembly on any penis stretcher is probably the most important part of the device, the base of the penis is very sensitive and this is where most manufacturers focus most on their development to make sure that the device can be worn for extended periods of time “8 hours or more” without any discomfort.

The Head or “Glan” Ring

The head ring is generally made of padded material and is adjustable, some products have a simple nose that attaches to the penis head or glans while others have a custom adjustable ring offering extreme comfort.

Connecting the two rings together are some long aluminum or stainless still lightweight rods that can be adjusted in two ways, the first adjustment is the one that stretches the penis and can be lengthened in very fine increments, most penis stretchers come with different sized rods or segments that can be used to lengthen the device, the rods can easily be added or subtracted with ease.

The second adjustment is a fine-tuning mechanism that lets that lets you adjust the tension that stretches the penis, most quality penis stretchers such as Size Genetics have springs to maintain constant tension even with shifting or movement.

Penis Stretcher Safety

Size Genetics BannerOne of the most important features of the more expensive penis stretchers is their safety.

Some of the more inexpensive stretchers have caused penile tissue damage and in some extreme cases have bursted blood vessels or bruising, however, in most situations these problems have been caused by misuse.

Penis extenders are static devices with no motorized components, most modern day penis extenders can be worn during the day or at night offering plenty of comfort and no risk of injury or damage to the penis.

Where to Buy

Most inexpensive penis stretchers can be found on sites like Ebay.com and Amazon.com, however, you do get what you pay for, purchasing a stretcher from one of those websites usually does not offer very much comfort and if the comfort is not there you most likely will not wear it, so like anything else its better to spend a little more initially on a good quality penis extender, this will ensure maximum comfort and most high-end extenders come with some very good warranties and good customer support and service.

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