Size Genetics Review

Size Genetics Review – The Size Genetics Penis stretcher is capable of increasing the size of a man’s penis by inches

What is Size Genetics?

Size Genetics is a penis stretcher designed for men looking to increase the size of their penis,  it also has other benefits that I will describe below in my SizeGenetics review.

Size Genetics Review

The Size Genetics penis stretcher is considered the Rolls Royce of penis stretchers because of its comfort and functionality, making it one of the best-selling penis enlargement devices around the globe.

Size Genetics is designed for comfort and delivers results

Size Genetics has been sold for over a decade, just recently the company partnered with 3M adding new functionality and comfort improvements giving men the ability to wear the traction device all day with no discomfort, the longer you wear it the quicker you will see results.

How Size Genetics Works

The Size Genetics penis stretcher is a traction device with a slider that gently stretches the penis, what this does is create tiny microabrasions that heal making the penis longer and thicker, this process is known as “cytokinesis” in simple terms it means cell division.

Size Genetics is a type 1 medical device that is easy to use but yet a complex penis extender that can provide men with a significant increase in penis size.  Size Genetics was designed to be worn on the penis for hours at a time either during the day or at night.

The Size Genetics stretcher will not only increase penis size it also improves overall blood flow to the penis giving men stronger and harder erections. In order to ensure proper use, a DVD is included in the Size Genetics kit which explains step by step how to use the device. = > Click here to learn more

Size Genetics Benefits:

  • Increase penis size up to 2.5 inches
  • Comfortable enough to wear for hours a day
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Improved sexual intercourse (deeper penetration)
  • Safe alternative to penis enlargement surgery
  • Can straighten a bent penis (Peyronie’s Disease)
  • Recommended by doctors to treat a retracting penis, usually suffered by men after prostate surgery

SizeGenetics Review

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Is the Size Genetics Comfortable?

Many men will cringe at the idea of a device being placed on their penis, assuming that it will cause pain or discomfort. The truth is that the Size Genetics device is among the most comfortable devices available. Size Genetics knows that not every man is able to use their stretcher in the same way. With the

Size Genetics knows that not every man is able to use their stretcher in the same way. With the Size Genetics penis enhancement tools, a man can place the device in 58 different positions thanks to the research team that spent an exhaustive amount of time and effort to ensure maximum comfort.

Does Size Genetics  Work?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, Size Genetics proves it works, there are dozens of before and after pictures and many real testimonials from men around the world who have experienced great results from using the device. Men who have used the Size Genetics stretcher continuously say that their penis has grown upwards of one and a half to two inches in length through its use. Images of before and after shots of their penis not only testify to their claims but provide visual reassurance that no damage or problems occurred with proper use.

Size Genetics Price

The Basic Size Genetics called the “starter edition” includes the type 1 medical device only, making it ideal for beginners, the entry level system costs 199.95 but does not come with any extras and offers a 6-month guarantee.

The SizeGenetics “device only” includes the Size Genetics penis stretcher, the 58-way comfort system,  the luxury leather case and the instructional DVD.

The ultimate Size Genetics device is a complete system which includes over 18 different additional products including the 58-way comfort system Instructional DVD, 16 ways comfort strap, spare parts, Travel case a penis health DVD and a $50.00 dollar discount using the CODE ECON8 which is only available on the ultimate system.

Buy size genetics nowMy thoughts on the Size Genetics

Size Genetics has been one of the longest and best-selling penis stretchers since I can remember, regardless of your penis size this product is very comfortable to wear, I was personally amazed that even after using the device for 6 to 8 hours at a time it gave me no discomfort and the gains are incredible. With their money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong. This is one product worth giving a try, if you don’t believe me I invite you to visit the official

With their money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong. This is one product worth giving a try, if you don’t believe me I invite you to visit the official Size Genetics Website they offer a lot of great information and before and after pictures that are what convinced me to purchase their product in the first place.

Most men are too embarrassed or ashamed

There are a lot of men with the attitude that these devices don’t work, or are too ashamed to even consider buying a penis stretcher,  but seriously,  there is no part of the body that can’t be enhanced,  the human body is capable of growing and exceeding its natural potential within reason, imagine going from a 4 inch to a 6 or 7 inch penis, while men think this will not make a difference believe me it does.

Where to buy SizeGenetics

We highly recommend purchasing Size Genetics from the official website, this will ensure you receive a legitimate product and can take advantage of any special offers they may have at the time of purchase, also remember Size Genetics comes with one of the best money back guarantees in the industry.

If you need more information than what you have found in my Size Genetics review you can click on the link below to visit the official Size Genetics website and view some of their videos and more information on the product.

->Click here to visit the official Size Genetics website<-

Below is an actual testimonial from Richard

Richards size genetics testimonial

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to share with my experiences of using the size genetics system and, ultimately, to thank you for the fantastic benefits that I have gained from using it.

It was back in February 2009 that, after weeks of browsing your website, I finally made the decision to go ahead and purchase the device. I was naturally quite skeptical at first but figured I couldn’t really lose: If it didn’t work I could claim my money back and, even better, if it did work and I wrote a testimonial (such as the one you’re reading right now) I could also receive a full refund. It seemed too good to be true.

After a short period of getting used to the device, I quickly found it easy to use and after just one month of wearing it (an average of 2-3 hours per day), I started to experience great results. Firstly I noticed that my erections were harder than they had ever been and that I had better control during intercourse. I also gained around 0.5 inches in length and 0.3 inches in girth that month.

Now, just four months on I simply can’t believe the results! My penis, which, back in Feb, was 5.0 inches flaccid, 6.9 inches erect and 5.4 inches in girth is now 6.8 inches flaccid, a whopping 8.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in girth! (See photos as evidence). My wife can’t believe it either and my proudest moment happened recently when she returned home with a few packs of XL condoms, which fit great! – (regular sized condoms had become very uncomfortable to wear…a nice problem to have!). Lovemaking is also better than ever! I now have really good control and orgasms are much more intense (for both of us!)

So, all that leaves for me to say is a huge thank you. Using this device has really boosted my self-confidence, both in and out the bedroom, and I would whole- heartedly endorse this product to anyone wanting to gain the kinds of benefits that I myself have experienced. Give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose!

Yours faithfully,


Before and after pictures using Size Genetics


Size Genetics Before and After Pictures


Size Genetics Before and After Pictures

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