Phallosan® Forte Review

Phallosan pumpPenis enlargement devices come in many shapes and sizes; the most common products are hydro pumps like the “Penomet or Bathmate” which increase size by combining water and pressure.

Traction devices such as “Size Genetics and the Jes Extender“ use telescopic rods to create constant tension to stretch the penis. While these products are very effective, there is one company that sets itself apart with a unique patented design that will help men comfortably increase the length and thickness of their penis.

One of the many features that Phallosan® offers men is that it is very easy to use and it can be worn comfortably for up to 12 hours a day with no discomfort. Phallosan’s company logic is that a penis stretching device should not be uncomfortable to wear. Otherwise, you won’t use it. It should also be able to be worn discretely without someone noticing it. Phallosan has taken both these things into consideration which is why it is so popular. >>Click here to learn more<<

Benefits of Phallosan:

  • Increase the size of the penis both in length and girth
  • Improve blood circulation to the penis improving erection quality
  • Prevent issues with erectile dysfunction
  • A surgical free method to straighten a bent penis
  • Can remedy issues with a retracted penis
  • Effective treatment for men recovering from prostate surgery

The biggest selling point of the Phallosan is a bigger penis and improved erection quality, the Phallosan extender is commonly prescribed to patients by physicians all around the world.

So what is so great about this product

Holding the Phallosan in one handThe patented design of the Phallosan creates negative pressure. Phallosan has a three-way valve and an integrated suction pump that attaches to the penis, it also has a sophisticated traffic light pressure gauge so you can monitor the pressure of the device.

Phallosan offers three different sized ”bells” to accommodate almost any size penis.  The bell is where the head of the penis slides in to attach the latex condom sleeve over the penis, you then lock the device on and pump to create a vacuum. (see video below) The Phallosan also comes with a specially made belt to keep the Phallosan in place, which can be worn during the day or at night.

Men who have experienced using other penis stretchers have made the comment that the Phallosan is one of the most comfortable devices they have ever used.

The Phallosan Forte ships with three different sized bells, all you have to do is fit the right sleeve for your penis. Once you have done that you may contact the company and receive three more for free in your size.>>Click here to find out more<<

Phallosan different sized bells

Spare parts

One thing I have always hated about penis stretchers is that if something breaks your stuck, forcing you to replace the whole thing. Ordering accessories or replacement parts for the Phallosan is very simple, you can always order extra protector caps and sleeves at any time.

Reasonably priced

If you consider the amount of research and development invested in this product, the price is very reasonable!  All you have to do is read the many comments from men who have experienced using the Phallosan, you then realize that it is not only very simple to use it is also very effective.

The difference between the Phallosan and other penis stretchers is that it delivers on its promise. Personally I consider the price of $339.00 + $25.00 Shipping way underpriced when compared to similar solutions.

Is the Phallosan perfect

No,  but it does come close to perfection, the only real issue we can see is that the plastic bell that fits the head of the penis does not come in an extra large size. There are apparently a few very well endowed men out there that the bell won’t fit, which is probably a tiny percentage  of the male population.

If you are a man with an above average penis size you may have to consider an alternative product such as the Jes Extender or Size Genetics.

Where to buy

The Phallosan is not sold in stores, we recommend buying it directly from the official Phallosan® website,  this will ensure you receive a genuine product,  plus it will entitle you to their warranty and customer support.


So now that you are ready to purchase,  you are probably asking yourself if anyone will know what you purchased, the answer is no, the Phallosan ships in discrete plain packaging with no logo or name reference, the shipment description will only show as “health device” so no one will know what you bought, orders are processed the same day.


 Below is a video of the Phallosan and how it works

>>Click here to visit the official Phallosan® website<<

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