The Peyronies Device

Peyronies device logoA penis is an important part of the male body. Not only is it vital to sexual activity and a fulfilling intercourse experience, but also it is often a source of pride and self-esteem. The penis is an organ that can vary from man to man, in both length and width. It can also vary in its very structure and essence. While many men have a straight or near straight penis when both flaccid and erect, others suffer from a condition known as Peyronies disease.

Peyronies StretcherPeyronies causes the penis to curve to one side or another and can be very painful, Peyrinies type 1penis straightenerespecially the more severe the curvature is. The reason for this problem is usually due to a buildup of scar tissue or a lump. There is, however, one product on the market that claims to correct the curving. Known as the Peyronies Device, this curvature correction is said to create a straighter penis and, thus, a more fulfilling sexual life. But, does it work?

Why Curving Matters

Before evaluating the Peyronies Device, it is important to understand what Peyronie’s can do to a man. A severely curved penis can occur when the organ is flaccid or when it is erect. A more severe curve can cause extreme pain. It can also cause the ability to have sex to be a near impossibility due to the formation of the penis. Therefore, it can affect couples of all ages, especially if it becomes more severe. Further, a curved penis can also cause shortening and an overwhelming sense of insecurity for a man that is far from straight in that region of the body. These, then, are problems that extend beyond aesthetic into true problems.

What Is The Peyronies Device?

Peyronies KitThe Peyronies Device straps onto the penis in a gentle way. The goal is to straighten the penis gently using traction methods. Made from comfort foam and latex, it can be placed on the male sex organ with little to no work. It gently wraps around and guides the penis into a straight position when erect. You, the user, can also choose the traction level to get you to a place and comfort level that is right for you and your body. This trains the body to move in this way and, if worn over time, can have a lasting impact on stratening the penis.

Does It Work?

Peyronies animated gifAccording to both experts and users alike, there is a success level with use of this product. The design of The Peyronies Device relies on a practiced medical tradition in the traction approach and the comfort design is said to enhance the products overall value. Though it takes practice and multiple times of wearing before there is success, The Peyronies Device is, arguably, the best on the market for those that want to correct their penile deformities in curving. For that reason, and the lack of involved and highly chemical-laden substances required, The Peyronies Device is a safe alternative that can straighten the penis and even add length without severe side effects. That, then, is a wonderful thing.

What the Peyronie’s device does

  • Regardless of which way your penis is curved the Peyronie’s device can straighten a penis that is curved left, right, up or down.
  • Using the supplements included in the Peyronie’s device will reduce plaque build up which is a primary cause for Peyronie’s
  • Strengthen erections
  • Increase blood flowThe Peyronie’s can also increase penis size by straightening the penis and at the same time adding length

More than the traction device

The Peyronie’s device has two different packages which includes the type 1 straightener on package includes different options when purchasing, you can purchase just the straightener or the complete kit that comes with different oils and supplements.

Our overall impression of the Peyronie’s is that it looks like a great product the only pet peeve I have about their website is that it is kind of cumbersome to navigate but overall it seems like a great product.

Please note that the Peyronie’s device does not ship to the following countries: Iceland, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, Norway, Ghana, Afghanistan, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa.

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