Penis Stretcher Benefits

Penis Stretcher benefits, do they work? If so, what kind of results can men expect

Penis stretchers are an effective way for men to increase the size of their penis, the problem is, many men are still not sure if these devices work.

If you are considering purchasing one, in this article, we will cover the benefits you can expect from using one of these devices and what kind of benefits you can expect.

Penis Stretcher Benefits

One of the biggest reasons men fail with penis enlargement is because most of the time they buy a cheap product, most inexpensive penis stretchers will do more harm than good.

Cheap penis stretchers are made of poor materials and are uncomfortable to wear, which is why so many men do not succeed with penis enlargement, so if you are going to buy a penis enlargement make sure you look for quality.

How penis stretchers work

A penis stretcher is a traction device that gently stretches the penis, for centuries men have implemented various crude techniques to make their penis bigger, using rudimentary hanging devices with rocks or weights which in many situations caused injury.

Modern-day penis stretchers are comfortable to wear and create gradual tension, over time, these devices are capable of making your penis a couple of inches longer and thicker.

Image with man with hanging weight

Penis stretchers help increase penis size by creating cell division, cell division is also known as Mitosis which takes place in every living cell in the human body, it is responsible for cell growth. Penis stretchers cause cell division. If used for an extended period of time the penis becomes bigger.

Penis stretcher benefits

While genetics do play a role in penis size, there is not a body part that can not be enhanced to some degree and the male penis is no different.

A penis stretcher offers men a safe way to increase penis size but a few facts you may not know about penis stretcher may surprise penis stretchers can not only make your penis bigger, but they also help with other aspects of sexual health, penis stretcher benefits include the following:

  • Increase penis length and thickness 2-5 inches
  • Can straighten a bent penis (Peyronie’s disease)
  • Works for men who suffer from micro penis syndrome
  • Reduce symptoms of retracting pens (often the result of prostate surgery)
  • A safe and practical alternative to penis surgery

Most quality penis stretchers are certified as type I medical devices, they are often prescribed by doctors to help men recovering from prostate surgery, or suffer from Peyronie’s disease.

Men who suffer from an extremely small penis (Micro Penis) will benefit from using a penis stretcher. Penis stretchers are a safe alternative to penis enlargement surgery and have no side effects.

What to expect from using a penis stretcher

As I mentioned earlier if you are serious about buying a penis stretcher at all costs try and avoid cheaply made products, most inexpensive penis traction devices will do very little to increase penis size, most of them offer very little tension and are uncomfortable to wear.

A good penis stretcher should allow you to wear it for several hours a day products like MaleEdge and SizeGenetics can be worn for up to 8 hours or more, the longer you wear one the quicker your results will be.

On average men who use a penis stretcher can expect an increase of 1 inch or more within the first 8-12 weeks, the longer you wear it the better the results become, from our own personal experience 2.5 inches is easily achievable within a 6-8 month period.

So, if you currently have a 4-5 inch penis you can easily expect to transform your penis way above average which is around 5.6 to 6.5 inches in a short period of time.

Most quality penis stretchers start at around 150.00 U.S.D and the price goes up from there, another benefit of buying a quality penis stretcher is that most products come with a 12-month warranty, some even offer a lifetime guarantee, and if something breaks a quality stretcher always offers replacement parts.

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