How Do Penis Enlargement Devices Work?

The Benefits  of Penis Stretchers and Pumps

Male enhancement or penis enlargement is a widely talked about subject, there are pros and cons, the main question every man asks is does penis enlargement really work? If so what are the different methods?

In the past, most enlargement devices were considered very ineffective and uncomfortable. In fact, most penis pumps were not really designed to enlarge the penis, they were designed to stimulate erections in men suffering from erectile dysfunction issues.

Over time, these products have been vastly improved offering men a real alternative, not only to increase the length of their penis but to also make it thicker.

There are 3 kinds of penis enlargement devices sold:

  • Dry vacuum pumps that use air pressure to create suction
  • Penis stretchers which are worn throughout the day or night
  • Hydro pumps, which use water to create pressure

Dry vacuum pumps

Dry pumps are probably the most inexpensive products available, the way they work is by creating air pressure, over time will extend the length and thickness of the penis.

There are several companies that sell these devices but some of them can be uncomfortable and impractical.

Most dry penis pumps cost under $100.00,  one advantage of these products is that they can not only increase penis size they can also help men suffering from erectile dysfunction issues.

Noogleberry Battery Operated Penis Pump
Noogleberry Battery Operated Pump

The device shown above is from a company called Noogleberry, this product is battery operated and causes pressure, once an erection is archived men can place one of the penis rings around the base of the penis which will maintain blood flow keeping the penis erect.

Penis Stretchers

Penis stretchers have evolved over time and become very sophisticated, products such as the Jes Extender and Size Genetics offer great comfort and results, when I say penis stretcher or extender it might sound painful, but it is actually not painful or uncomfortable at all.

Size Genetics Device
Size Genetics Full Kit

These products can be worn throughout the day or at night with no discomfort. The way they work is by gradually stretching the penis, causing tiny micro abrasions making the penis larger. With extended use, men have been able to increase the length of their penis up to 3 inches in length.

Hydro pumps (Water Pumps)

The Hydro pump is probably one of my favorites and there are a couple of reasons, the main reason is they are very simple to use and can be used in the shower or bath.

The sessions last between 15 and 20 minutes and not only will they increase the size and thickness of the penis they are also good therapy for men suffering from symptoms of ED.

Bathmate Hydropump
Bathmate Hydro pump

These devices are really neat and simple to use. Hydro pumps ship with a plastic cylinder and a pump that is attached to the end, all you have to do is fill the cylinder with water, insert your penis in to the cylinder and begin to pump which creates pressure, this pressure stimulates blood flow into the two primary penile chambers making the penis larger and fuller.

Using a hydro pump for an extended period of time will not only increase the size and thickness of your penis it will also make erections fuller and harder, but men can also realistically expect an increase of 1-2 inches in length and a 30% increase in thickness.

The two most popular products are the Bathmate and the Penomet, either one of these products won’t set you back more than $130.00 and the results are phenomenal.

Hopefully, I have provided enough information to give you an idea of what product or method will work best for you. If not I invite you to read more on my website

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