Is My Penis Big Enough and How to Compensate

Guy Looking at his PenisThis is a question most men ask, and it is probably a more prominent question that is asked by single guys rather than married men, and sure it can be uncomfortable when you become intimate with a partner for the first time, but when that happens how do you know just how big is big enough.

First lets put things in to perspective, the female vagina unaroused is around 3 to 4 inches deep, some women do have slightly deeper vaginas which can have a depth of 5 to 7 inches, after arousal, the cervix and uterus tend to ascend making more room in the vagina to accommodate a larger penis. However a guys penis when erect, ranges between 5.1 inches (12.9 centimetres) and 5.9 inches (15 centimetres). Which is less than was once thought, so putting things in perspective a bigger penis in theory would only make sex uncomfortable for women. Unless in fact the particular woman you are with has a larger than average size vagina.

What do women really think, if you look at a lot of the different forums and online magazines, most women seem to prefer penis thickness over length, which makes perfect sense considering that most of the important nerve endings in the vagina are towards the front or the entrance of the vagina.

Penis size seems to always be a confidence factor among men and their penis size is more important to them than it actually is to a woman. If in fact you feel your penis size is not big enough there are other methods of arousal that will please your woman, and at the end of the day she will have had the best sex of her life.

Caress her and love her

Every woman wants to be loved and caressed, don’t forget women are very touchy Sensual Couplefeely creatures whereas men are very visual, take sex slow, caressing your woman’s breasts, and kissing her body all over, massaging her neck and running your hands thorough her hair will begin her arousal, after that you can then begin to fondle her vagina lightly with your fingers, make sure you do this gently at first, as she gets wet down below you can begin to gently finger here.

The tongue is a guys best friend

In spite of staying focused on what you are going to do with your penis, forget your penis for a moment, most women will tell you that a guy that knows how to use his tongue will drive here through the roof in a good way, so before even thinking about engaging your penis, go down on your partner and give her some tongue action, be patient and gently ask her what she wants, communication is your best friend.

After a while of foreplay now you are ready for some penis action and by this time she wont really care how big it is, because by this time some consistent thrusting will lead most women to climax. Now if you still feel that you would like a larger penis there are certain things you can use to make it bigger, most penis enlargement pumps can give you a stronger and more solid erection, products such as the Penomet can actually increase the thickness of your penis up to 30% larger, but most importantly after your sex session talk it over with your lover and ask her if she thinks she needs something bigger.

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