The Noogleberry Penis Pump

Noogleberry is a well known company that has been in business for many years and offers several different products, one very popular product that sells like hot cakes is the Noogleberry breast enlargement pump for women, Noogleberry also sells penis pumps and extender for men.

Noogleberry offers two different penis pumps, one is a traditional hand pump unit, the other is a battery operated system, both very reasonably priced when compared to similar products.

Benefits of the Noogleberry penis pump

  • Create an erection in less than 3 minutes helping restore spontaneity
  • Maintain a consistent and rigid erection for 30 minutes or longer
  • Very safe and has no side effects
  • Can be used daily or multiple times if needed

While there are many modern day devices available, the Noogleberry pumps can serve two purposes, one they can help increase penis size and secondly they can help improve erection quality, this can be specially helpful for men who suffer from various erectile conditions.

Medical benefits from penis pumps

Noolgberry manual penis pumpVacuum penis pumps are found to have around a 95% success rate among men who have used them, they can be used instead of drug therapies and are much safer, men who have had prostate treatments, including surgery or radiation therapy will find using a vacuum pump essential for recovery, it can repair damage and improve blood supply and circulation to the penis. Men suffering from type 2 diabetes may experience issues with obtaining an erection, a penis pump can be essential tool for them as well.

How they work

The Noogleberry penis pumps is very simple to use, the manual unit comes with a clear plastic cylinder, some penis rings and a hand pump, to use the device you use a loading cone to place a rubber ring over the cylinder, you then place your penis in to the cylinder and then use the pump to create pressure, this creates a vacuum inside the cylinder forcing blood in to the penis creating an erection. Once you have a full erection you slide the constricting ring back towards the base of the penis to maintain the erection and then you can release the pump using this method will usually maintain an erection for at least 30 minutes or longer. =>Click here to learn more about the Noogleberry penis pump

Permanent erection results after prolonged use

40 % of men who have used the Noogleberry penis pump over an extended period of time have later been able to achieve an erection without using the device. So it does work to improve over all blood flow to the penis.


Another benefit of the Noogleberry pump is the fact that it is one of the cheaper pumps available, similar products can Battery operate penis pumpcost in excess of $ 200.00 the basic manual pump from Noogleberry cost $70.00 plus shipping, they also have a battery operated unit that has a durable pump and is an alternative to using the hand pump, that unit cost $90.00 making it very affordable.

Either pump “manual” or “battery operated unit” comes with a convenient travel bag rubber erection penis rings of various sizes a loading cone and a sterile water based lubricant gel the cylinder length is 8.5 inches by 2 inches thick either unit comes with a one year warranty and spare parts are available for the unit if needed in the future an extra large penis cylinder is available for those well endowed men the extra large cylinder measures 10 inches in length a 25 inches in diameter.

Where to buy the Noogleberry penis pump, we have seen the Noogleberry sold on other websites, we reccomend purchasing the product directly from the official website this ensure you can take advantage of their customer support and warranty plus any special offers they may have at the time of purchase.

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