MaleEdge Penis Stretcher

The MaleEdge penis stretcher offers men an affordable way to increase the size of their penis

The MaleEdge penis stretcher offers men a device that delivers results at a very affordable price. I have tried many different stretchers over the years and the MaleEdge stretcher stands up to its reputation. When I first began looking into a penis stretcher for myself there were so many products. This made it difficult to make a decision on what penis enlargement device worked the best. In this article, I will review the benefits of the MaleEdge penis stretcher.

My first penis stretcher was a SizeGenetics, I bought it over 8 years ago, back then it was not as refined as it is today. Over time it has undergone many changes that make it very comfortable, but it is more expensive than other penis stretchers on the market, that is why I decided to do a review on the MaleEdge.

The MaleEdge offers just as much comfort as the SIzeGenetics but it’s a much cheaper alternative. The basic SizeGenetics stretcher cost £163.00 which seems expensive when compared to the MaleEdge basic which only costs £110.00. MaleEdge offers the same level of comfort and features making it a good value.

MaleEdge Basic

The most popular penis stretcher sold by MaleEdge is the MaleEdge basic, the entry level device cost £110.00 and it comes with everything you need to get started increasing the length of your penis. -> Order the MaleEdge basic

MaleEdge Penis Stretcher

MaleEdge Pro

The Male Edge pro is a deluxe model that cost £143.00 and comes with additional features including comfort pads, extra straps, instructional DVD and ruler to measure your progress. – > Order the MaleEdge pro

MaleEdge Pro

Features that I like about the MaleEdge penis stretcher include the following:

  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Soft adjustable strap for comfort
  • Detachable traction slider
  • Easy to use traction slider for precise tension
  • Have personally been able to wear if for up to 9 hours without any issues or discomfort
  • It looks cool
  • Replacement parts are available so it never becomes obsolete
  • MaleEdge is CE and FDA certified
  • Fast results
  • Many positive customer reviews
  • Free delivery

Comfort is everything

A company selling any penis stretcher knows that if the product is not comfortable you will not wear it, that is why comfort is a priority. The MaleEdge is comfortable enough to wear all day,  the strap that fits around the penis “head” is made of extremely soft non-toxic rubber.

How to use the MaleEdge

What to expect 

The MaleEdge penis stretcher can increase the size of your penis between 2-3 inches, it can also increase the thickness “girth” of the penis, it is comfortable enough to wear every day for hours at a time. The MaleEdge is not a bulky device so it can be worn during the day underneath your clothes without it being obvious,  this makes the male edge very practical to wear even while at work.

I found the MaleEdge very easy to use, all you do is put the rubber strap on the end of the traction device,  add the foam comfort ring,  insert your penis into the first ring and then secure the head of the penis with the comfort strap at the end. Once your penis is in place you adjust the traction device with mild tension to begin stretching the penis.

Where to buy the Male Edge penis stretcher

The best place to buy the MaleEdge penis stretcher is from the official MaleEdge Website they ship worldwide and it is one of the few companies that offer a double money back guarantee on their complete product line.


When you consider the price of other penis stretchers, the MaleEdge offers the same benefits and quality of other more expensive stretchers at a reasonable price, making it affordable for any man who wants to increase the size of their penis.

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MaleEdge Penis Stretcher

MaleEdge Penis Stretcher








        • 1 year warranty
        • Free shipping
        • Extra accesories
        • Comes with instructional DVD


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