Jelqing What it is and Does it Work

What in the world  is Jelqing?  You hear the word and go huh? Jelqing is a natural way for men to increase the size of their penis, and to do it properly there is a certain technique that needs to  be followed, like anything else practice makes perfect. There are many men that claim that if you perform this exercise often and are consistent, you can increase the size of the penis up to two inches longer.

The origin of Jelqing

According to some,  the origin comes from Arabian origins or an Arabian word that refers to milking, however, the actual term of Jelqing is unclear. There are just as many men that say that it does work as there are that say it does not, either way, it cost you nothing to try and if you do it properly there is no harm done, any kind of massage performed on the human body has circulatory benefits, in this case, the possibility of making your penis longer and thicker while at the same time improving blood circulation which would also mean stronger erections.

How to Jelq

I am sure not many of you have ever milked a cow, but if you have,  you already have a head start. Jelqing is very similar to milking a cow, you stroke your penis using your hand to perform long back and forth stroking motions, make sure you do this gradually to avoid injury ‘take it slow’ work your way up, over time you can increase intensity and frequency.

Jelqing can be performed with either one or two hands, you can use the same hand but to avoid getting tired you can alternate the exercise using one hand and then alternate using the other, once again using a soft stroking motion pulling downward on the penis and then stroking backward towards the groin.

The method

A proper Jelq begins with a warm up cycle, but before doing anything you need to lubricate the penis, this can be done with any sort of penis lubricant, Vaseline or baby oil.

Step 1- perform a 5 minute warm up ‘stretching’ the penis from the base of the groin down to right before the head of the penis or glan

Step 2 – 5 more minutes stretching the penis and slightly increasing the grip and intensity

Step 3- Perform 10 minutes of proper Jelqing with the penis at a 50% to 70% erect state

Step 4- 5 Minute cool down gradually decreasing the intensity of stretching

When you begin to perform the Jelqing exercise start with 3 times per week, once you get used to it and perfect the procedure you can increase it to 5 or 6 days a week.

There are many different sites available explaining the art of Jelqing and everyone has their own technique, in all fairness I guess there are ways to perfect it and many men believe they have seen incredible results from this method.

My overall thoughts about Jelqing

A proper Jelq takes anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes including warm up and cool down time, personally for me I would rather use a proper device such as a stretcher or pump that was specifically designed for the purpose of increasing my penis size, the only downside is that they are not free but do offer a more modern day solution to that of Jelqing.

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