What is a FleshLight

Pink Lady FleshlightOk,  so I must be a little behind the times but I do know I have probably seen a few nock offs in the past resembling a male sex toy or artificial vagina, but what actually brought the Fleshlight to my attention for the very first time was a video that I saw on Digg.com. The video introduced one of the actual models for the Fleshlight design.

The woman who recently modeled her Vagina for the Fleshlight is Eufrat Mai. That’s when I began doing some research and was amazed at how versatile this thing was, after reading several positive reviews I decided to order one for myself, so here is my personal review on the Fleshlight.

Ordering was very simple and the price was just right, they accept different payment methods, in my case just for starters I ordered the Classic Pink Lady and I payed with my Visa Card, total cost to me was $64.00 shipping included. I did however order some extras which included the cherry vanilla and blue raspberry lube which were $11.99 each. When I received my package it came in a plain brown box with the shippers address showing up as LLC, so there was not hint to what I had actually ordered.

What is a Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is the closest thing you will ever experience next to a real vagina, the original Fleshlight is pink in color on the inside and is surrounded by a plastic  black case on the outside that resembles a flashlight, this makes having the thing around the house less obvious and very easy to conceal, the product has continued to evolve in to a variety of models, textures and sleeves.

The original Fleshlight can be ordered in different versions that resemble a normal vagina, mouth or butt. The actual dimensions of the Fleshlight case are 10 inches (255mm) in length and 4 inches (102mm) in diameter at the large end 2 ½ inches at the smaller end, the Fleshlight comes in different colors besides black, including clear, white, silver, blue and pearl.

Pink Lady Fleshlight

When the Fleshlight was designed they covered every aspect of the female vagina, giving you a choice of many different sleeves, some are looser, some are tighter, the sleeves come in many different textures, the material is out of this world soft and identical to a real vagina. In my case my Fleshlight came with the original sleeve and it felt fantastic,  apparently some of the other sleeves fit tighter and have more texture.

How it works

To use it you simply pull the sleeve out of the casing, soak in warm water for a couple of minutes, then slide the insert back in to the Fleshlight case, add lubricant to the entrance and there you have it, an instant vagina. Just recently Fleshlight released a brand new sleeve warmer that you insert in to the fleshlight to warm it up, versus the traditional method of warming the insert with water.

What it’s like

Soaking the insert is very easy I used luke warm water and then inserted the insert back in to the casing, I then applied a generous amount of the cherry vanilla lube and went to town. I was amazed! It truly is identical to a real vagina in every way,  even the friction and texture is the same, cleaning is very easy. you can flip the insert inside out for thorough washing, once washed let it dry and put it back in the case.

Jessica Drake Fleshlight Vagina

A different vagina every day

The Fleshlight replicated many famous porn star vaginas, giving you the freedom of having a different experience everyday, some of the replicas include Tera Patrick, Ariel, Eufrat Mai “she’s hot”, Kayden Kross, Katsumi, Angel White, Jenna Jameson and Alexis Texas, there are others but to many to mention,  so far I counted 20 Fleshlight girls and each one has a unique insert that is an exact replica of that particular porn stars vagina.

Now I know what your thinking, there is no way in hell I’m buying one, but wait, I said the same thing, and here are just a few reasons why you just may consider buying one.

It truly is the closest thing to a real vagina

Fleshlight IceSoft and squishy just like the real thing,  warm it up,  add some lube and you are truly in vagina heaven, different sleeves give you a different sensation and considering the cost, its much cheaper than dinner and a movie, the Fleshlight cost around $64.00 much cheaper and less hassle than a night out. If you already have a real vagina at home,  you may want to at least take a look at some of the other products Fleshlight offers,  they may help spice of your sex life, my wife said that the scented lubricants are heavenly,  they also sell penis rings, Condoms and male G spot stimulators.


Improve stamina and staying power

This is probably the next best reason to buy the Fleshlight “or at least its a good excuse” just tell your significant other that you are working on lasting longer, if you suffer from issues with premature ejaculation the Fleshlight can truly help improve staying power, in fact Fleshlight sells a special stamina pack designed specifically to help you last longer in bed.

Enough said

Considering that Fleshlight has sold over 8 million units and after using it for a few weeks I now know why, it beats the hell out of Mr. Hand in every way, married or single,  this should be in every guys secret drawer for those times in need, or when the wife or significant other has a headache.

There is way to much information to describe in my review,  but trust me, this amazing vagina replica is worth ever penny but don take my word for it, why not visit their official website www.Fleshlight.com and see for yourself, if your like me you will not walk away without at least trying the basic product, I say that because I have now purchased my third one, Ill admit, there is no shame in my game,  but if you ever do get up the courage to buy one for yourself, you to will be saying damn that’s good


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