Facts About Penis Stretchers

Thinking about buying a penis stretcher? Here are some important facts about penis stretchers that may help before you buy one.

If you are interested in making your penis bigger, there are a few facts about them that you should know before going out and spending your hard-earned money on one. I have personally had plenty of experience with all kinds of penis enlargement devices.

For me, it was a difficult trial and error journey before I finally found the right combination of what worked and what did not.

Hopefully, I can shed some light for those who are considering purchasing a penis stretcher, it should save you time and money, but before we go into that let’s explain the concept of using a penis stretcher to increase the size of your penis.

Facts About Penis Stretchers

What is a penis stretcher?

Penis stretchers are also to referred to as extenders, most stretchers use a sliding traction device that extends the length of the penis.

A penis stretcher does this by creating tiny microabrasions that heal, this process is known a “cytokinesis” over time it increases the length and thickness of the penis, while this process might sound painful it is not, a quality penis stretcher can be worn for several hours a day with no discomfort.

Penis stretcher facts

  • A penis stretcher will increase the size of your penis between 2-3 inches in length
  • Penis stretchers are classified and registered as type II medical devices
  • A penis stretcher can be used to straighten a bent penis, also known as (Peyronie’s disease)
  • A penis stretcher is therapeutic for men suffering from a retracting penis after prostate surgery
  • Penis stretchers can be used by men suffering from micropenis syndrome
  • Quality penis stretchers come with a minimum 6-month money back guarantee
  • Quality penis stretchers are backed by clinical proof

Kinds of penis stretchers

You may think a traction device is just that, they all look the same right? well, not really.

A quality penis stretcher will set you back a minimum of $150.00, anything cheaper than that will most likely not be that comfortable.

If it’s not comfortable you won’t wear it.

Most entry-level stretchers will have everything you need to get started, the more advanced stretchers like SizeGenetics and MaleEdge offer more features including extra sliding rods, more padding, extra straps etc.

Penis stretcher comfort

Some men have complained about discomfort when wearing a penis stretcher, the fact is a quality penis stretcher can be easily be worn 6-8 hours a day with no discomfort, there are many men that wear a stretcher at work all day with no issues.

Like anything in life things take time, for men to see significant gains it depends on a few factors that include:

  • How many days per week you wear it
  • How many hours a day you use it
  • How much tension is applied

On average most men will notice a significant increase in penis size within the first couple of weeks of use, the more often you use it the quicker your gains will be, some men have seen an impressive 2 inch gain within a 6 month time frame but gains will vary depending on how often you use it.

What are the best devices

This is all a matter of personal choice, one of the most common devices sold is from SizeGenetics which is one of the more comfortable stretchers, however, MaleEdge offers plenty of comfort and is cheaper yet offers many features that SizeGenetics does.



As a young man in my teens I was always self-conscious about the size of my penis, after many years I decided to do something about it. In the process, I have learned a lot from my own personal experience using different penis enlargement devices.

I have tried over a dozen of them.

I started this blog to share my knowledge with other men so that they can avoid some of the mistakes I made when choosing a product to help increase the size of my penis or improve erection quality.  All the reviews on my website are written by me and are based on my own experience and personal results.

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