Viaman Extendor Penis Pump

Viaman Extendor Penis Pump a Modern Rechargeable Pump for Men

Over the years I have been able to try out dozens of penis pumps. I have to admit “if not brag” I have one of the coolest jobs around. I get to review all kinds of male enhancement products. Over time, I have found that penis enhancement pumps do more than just make your penis bigger, they also keep your sex life healthy. In this article, I will review the features and benefits of the Viaman Extendor penis pump.

Why use a penis pump?

There are a lot of men who have a warped concept about using a penis enlargement device. You have probably thought to yourself, what kind of person buys one of these things? Men of all ages buy them, and yes they sell like crazy.

There are two reasons why you need a penis pump, one, you want a bigger penis, and two you want to improve erection quality. Either way, a penis pump is the best way to accomplish these two things.

What is the Viaman Extendor penis pump?

The Viaman Extendor is a versatile  penis enlargement device that is easy to use and delivers results.  Unlike other air penis pumps, this device has some unique features not found in other pumps in this price range.

Viaman Extendor Penis Pump

What is the Viaman Extendor?

The Viaman Extendor penis pump is a rechargeable device that will make your penis bigger and improve the quality of your erections. Hands down the Viaman is one of the best pumps you can buy for the money and here is why.

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The MaxMedix Penis Pump

The MaxMedix Penis Pump offers men an easy way to increase the size of their penis at an affordable price

The MaxMedix Penis Pump is a uniquely designed vacuum pump that provides a safe and easy solution to enlarge the size of your penis without having to resort to extreme measures. Other benefits of using the MaxMedix pump include stronger and longer-lasting erections for increased sexual pleasure.

The MaxMedix Penis Pump

What is the MaxMedix penis pump?

Used by thousands of men from all around the globe, the MaxMedix penis pump is by far one of the easiest and most affordable alternatives to that of penis enlargement surgery. The lightweight and convenient MaxMedix Penis Pump has been scientifically tested to induce safe, pain-free, and permanent results in as little as two weeks, even though results will be instantly noticeable.

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The Noogleberry Penis Pump

One subject that can be very touchy among men is discussing issues about erectile dysfunction. Some men can get away with taking some sort of male enhancement pills, other men are unable to take medications, in this case, a penis pump is a good alternative to help men achieve an erection and take back control of their sex life. In this article, I will review everything you need to know about the Noogleberry penis pump.

You are probably asking yourself what is so special about the Noogleberry penis pump? The answer is, just about everything. It is durable, effective and affordable and it will help men restore their sex life.

The Company sells different products for men and women. The Nooglebery penis pump is a product that has helped thousands of men who suffer from ED or poor erection quality, it can also help men effectively increase the size of their penis.

What is the Noogleberry penis pump?

The Nooglebrry penis pump is a practical device that comes with everything men need to achieve a full erection, it comes in two different sizes an 8″ and 10″ inch pump, there is a slight difference in price but each comes with everything you need to get an erection.

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Penomet Review

Penomet PremiumThe Penomet is a safe, simple and effective way for men to increase the size of their penis, it’s very inexpensive and most men have increased the size of their penis on average of two inches in length and 30% more in thickness.

In the past men who suffered from a small penis or premature symptoms of erectile dysfunction had no real solution to their problem, in fact, most doctors would offer some kind of expensive therapy that in the end offered little or no results. Over the years, penis pumps have become a very popular way to enlarge the penis.

Penis pumps can help men increase penis length and girth, prevent symptoms of premature ejaculation, increase blood flow and improve erection quality. 

Hydro-pumps work much better than traditional air pumps. The Penomet is a  specially designed pump that creates uniform pressure with water around the penis. Something very unique to the Penomet is that it has a special non-return pressure valve at the end of the cylinder that closes as the pump gaiter expands; this is how it can distribute pressure evenly throughout the cylinder.

Penomet benefits:

  • Harder and fuller erections
  • Noticeable results after using it for the first time
  • Increase the length and thickness of your penis
  • 1-year warranty
  • Interchangeable pressure gaiters for maximum results
  • Scientifically proven to increase penis size

How it works

The Penomet is a very easy to use,  you simply insert your penis into the cylinder and gently pump the device a couple of times to the desired pressure, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes,  then release the pressure using the valve at the end of the cylinder and repeat the procedure again, Most men find that two back to back sessions four to five times per week provides maximum effectiveness. => Click here to learn more

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Bathmate Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax X30The Bathmate penis pump is designed to help men increase the length and thickness of their penis, having been sold for many years the Bathmate continues to build on its already solid reputation as one of the best penis pumps sold.

The Bathmate provides men with an easy way to make their penis bigger and improve erection quality. Over the years, the company has improved on this already perfect device bringing out a new product called the Bathmate Hydromax Extreme.

The first Bathmate generation Bathmate was the Hercules and with the companies constant efforts to improve on their products, they continue to provide men with a high quality product. =>Click here to learn more

How the Bathmate works

Inside view of PenisThe penis is a complex organ that is made up of three columns of sponge-like tissue, two of the chambers lie side by side which are called the “corpus cavernosum”, another lies below called the “corpus spongiosis”.

Essentially all three need to be filled with blood to provide a solid erection. When you have an erection, 90% of the blood is supplied to the corpus cavernosum, the other 10% supplies the corpus spongiosis.

What the Bathmate does is increase the amount of blood flow in the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum, the more blood that is supplied to these two spongy regions the harder and fuller the erection become.

Continuous blood flow stimulation to the penis will make it bigger, over time, they will become permanent. Most men can expect to increase the size of their penis between 2-3 inches in length and a 30% increase in girth.

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