What is a FleshLight

Pink Lady FleshlightOk,  so I must be a little behind the times but I do know I have probably seen a few nock offs in the past resembling a male sex toy or artificial vagina, but what actually brought the Fleshlight to my attention for the very first time was a video that I saw on Digg.com. The video introduced one of the actual models for the Fleshlight design.

The woman who recently modeled her Vagina for the Fleshlight is Eufrat Mai. That’s when I began doing some research and was amazed at how versatile this thing was, after reading several positive reviews I decided to order one for myself, so here is my personal review on the Fleshlight.

Ordering was very simple and the price was just right, they accept different payment methods, in my case just for starters I ordered the Classic Pink Lady and I payed with my Visa Card, total cost to me was $64.00 shipping included. I did however order some extras which included the cherry vanilla and blue raspberry lube which were $11.99 each. When I received my package it came in a plain brown box with the shippers address showing up as LLC, so there was not hint to what I had actually ordered.

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