Benefits of a Penis Pump for ED

Benefits of a penis pump for ED: Improve Erection Quality

According to statistics, more than 30% of men will experience some type of ED (erectile dysfunction) problem at some point in their life.

Unfortunately, these figures are expected to grow in the future and the main reason for that is the unhealthy lifestyle that modern men practice.

There are many reasons why ED occurs. Some of them are physical while others are psychological.

While it is true that determining the right cause will help you solve this problem faster, it is also true that are some solutions that have proven to be very effective in eliminating and preventing issues with erectile dysfunction.

One of these methods involves the use of penis pumps.

Benefits of a Penis Pump for ED

A penis pump is a specially designed device that has been used for treating impotence for many years. It is good to point out that some people use the term vacuum pump to describe the same device.

Of course, men use penis pumps for few different reasons like increasing the length and thickness of the penis and even for self-pleasuring.

Since the popularity of these pumps is growing, it is no surprise why there are so many manufacturers that have decided to design their own models.

Although these different models come with different features and a different appearance, there are many similarities that most of these devices have.

For instance, the vast majority of these devices come with a special acrylic cylinder and a pump that can be placed directly on top of the penis.

This cylinder is connected to a hand pump that works manually or with the help of a motor or battery in order to make suction.

Benefits of a penis pump

  • Ability to naturally achieve an erection without medications
  • Immediately increase blood flow to the penis even when libido is low
  • Increase penis size
  • Improve erection quality
  • Straighten a bent penis “Peyronie’s disease”

Secondary benefits of a penis pump

  • Counteract the symptoms of ED due to certain medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Can help men regain erections after certain procedures such as those recovering from prostate surgery
  • Penis pumps can be used along with other ED treatments such as penile implants, medications, and ED supplements

How a penis pump works

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis, this supplies more blood into the penis which finally results in a hard erection.

Men can keep the erection by placing a ring at the base of the penis before they remove the vacuum. Penis pumps are still popular and have helped thousands of men around the world.

If you are still wondering what the benefits of penis pumps for ED are, we will highlight some of the most important benefits below.

First of all, penis pumps allow ED sufferers to achieve a strong erection. As we have explained before, thanks to the special system behind these devices, the penis receives the necessary amount of blood needed for a powerful erection.

Furthermore, these are long-lasting erections especially when men use a penis ring to prevent the rapid retreat of blood from the penis.

Men can be involved in sexual activities for hours. Another great benefit of a penis pump is the fact that they don’t come with any side effects.

If they are used in a proper way by following the instructions, there is no risk for damages or complications.

On the other hand, this is something that we can’t expect from most pills for ED. Finally, penis pumps might be costlier than medicines, but they are a one-time investment that will last for a long time.

Best penis pumps

Now that you know more about penis pumps, the question is which one is best, dry penis pumps like the Noogleberry offer specific benefits for men with severe ED problems, while water-based pumps such as the Bathmate and Penomet focus more on improving symptoms of poor erection quality.

Most entry-level penis pumps range between $100.00 $150.00 and the price goes up from there but when purchasing it is always best to go for a quality device because it will ensure comfort and maximum results.


As a young man in my teens I was always self-conscious about the size of my penis, after many years I decided to do something about it. In the process, I have learned a lot from my own personal experience using different penis enlargement devices.

I have tried over a dozen of them.

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