Bathmate Penis Pump

Benefits of the Bathmate Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax X30The Bathmate penis pump is designed to help men increase the length and thickness of their penis, having been sold for many years the Bathmate continues to build on its already solid reputation as one of the best penis pumps sold.

The Bathmate provides men with an easy way to make their penis bigger and improve erection quality. Over the years, the company has improved on this already perfect device bringing out a new product called the Bathmate Hydromax Extreme.

The first Bathmate generation Bathmate was the Hercules and with the companies constant efforts to improve on their products, they continue to provide men with a high-quality product.

How the Bathmate works

The penis is a complex organ that is made up of three columns of sponge-like tissue, two of the chambers lie side by side which are called the “corpus cavernosum”, another lies below called the “corpus spongiosis”.

Essentially all three need to be filled with blood to provide a solid erection. When you have an erection, 90% of the blood is supplied to the corpus cavernosum, the other 10% supplies the corpus spongiosis.

Inside view of PenisWhat the Bathmate does is increase the amount of blood flow in the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum, the more blood that is supplied to these two spongy regions the harder and fuller the erection become.

Continuous blood flow stimulation to the penis will make it bigger, over time, they will become permanent. Most men can expect to increase the size of their penis between 2-3 inches in length and a 30% increase in girth.

How to use the Bathmate

The Bathmate can be used in the shower or Bathtub,  some men prefer standing in the shower, others find it easier laying or sitting in the bathtub.

To use the Bathmate you fill the plastic cylinder with water, then insert your penis into the open end of the cylinder, pull the base of the Bathmate towards the groin and begin to pump.

This will create pressure, do this until water quits seeping out, once there is a good vacuum seal leave the Bathmate in place for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. If you have created too much pressure you can use the pressure release valve to release the excess pressure.

How to use the Bathmate in the shower

How to use the Bathmate in the shower

How to use the Bathmate in the bathtub

How to use the Bathmate Bathtub

What to expect from the Bathmate

What you can expect from the Bathmate is a durable penis pump that will deliver results. Most men will see instant results after using the Bathmate for the very first time. It takes about 6 weeks before you will begin to see permanent results..

Who should consider buying the Bathmate?

Any man who wants to increase the size of his penis and wants to improve erection quality, the Bathmate offers many benefits besides a bigger penis including:

  • Increases penis length and thickness
  • Enlarges your penis head
  • Helps you last longer in bed
  • Can prevent issues with premature ejaculation
  • Immediate results even after the first use

Bathmate Hercules bathmatecolors

Bathmate Hercules is the first ever water penis pump. The Bathmate Hercules has sold and continues to sell all over the world. The Bathmate Hercules will increase overall length and girth. This device has had over a 95 % .=> Learn more

Bathmate Hydromax X30

The Hydromax X30 has several new features that the regular Bathmate does not, Bathmate Hydromax X30this includes 35% more pumping power, a newly improved sleeve for maximum comfort and a 360-degree swivel bellows system making for a perfect fit at the base of the penis.

The Hydromax X30 comes with a new flow valve system that allows yo to fill the device with just one hand. The X30 pump has a new improved metric and imperial guidance ruler making it easy for you to view current gains. Overall the Bathmate X30 is powerful, and an extremely durable that’s is comfortable to use.


The Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

Hydromax ExtremeThe Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme is a complete hydrotherapy workout for your penis. The Hydromax Xtreme is the Bathmate’s most powerful penis pump, it offers the same unique design as other Bathmate models, the difference is the Hydromax comes in a complete kit with more features.

If you are looking for maximum gains the Hydromax Xtreme is the pump for you. => Learn more about the Hydromax Xtreme


The Hydromax Kit includes the following:

  • Xtreme Hydro pump Carrying Case
  • Measuring Gauge
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Handball Pump
  • Comfort Insert Pad
  • Hose Attachment
  • Pump Lubricant
  • Security Lock
  • Shower Strap

The above are the most popular Bathmate models sold, however, they do offer two other models not shown above which are the Bathmate X40 which is a larger version of the X30 designed for men with a very big penis. The Bathmate Goliath is made for those in the adult industry for men with a penis size of 20cm or 8.6 inches or bigger.

60-day money back guarantee

The Bathmate comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee to give you all the more reason to try their product, if you don’t like it you can always return it, but just from personal experience,  once you have used one, the only regret you will have is not having bought one sooner. – >Learn more about the Bathmate

Where to buy the Bathmate

We have seen the Bathmate sold on many different websites, however, we highly recommend purchasing the Bathmate directly from the official shytobuy Website this will ensure you receive a genuine Bathmate product plus you can take advantage of any special offers or promotions they may offer at the time of purchase.

Bathmate ships discreetly in plain brown packaging so no one will know what you ordered, the other thing we like is the fact is that they accept several different payment methods including major credit cards and Paypal.

-> Click here to order the Bathmate



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