The MaxMedix Penis Pump

The MaxMedix Penis Pump offers men an easy way to increase the size of their penis at an affordable price

The MaxMedix Penis Pump is a uniquely designed vacuum pump that provides a safe and easy solution to enlarge the size of your penis without having to resort to extreme measures. Other benefits of using the MaxMedix pump include stronger and longer-lasting erections for increased sexual pleasure.

The MaxMedix Penis Pump

What is the MaxMedix penis pump?

Used by thousands of men from all around the globe, the MaxMedix penis pump is by far one of the easiest and most affordable alternatives to that of penis enlargement surgery. The lightweight and convenient MaxMedix Penis Pump has been scientifically tested to induce safe, pain-free, and permanent results in as little as two weeks, even though results will be instantly noticeable. Continue reading

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VigRX Plus Stronger Erections Better Sex

VigRx Plus stronger erections, better sex and helps men last longer in bed

VigRX Plus has built a solid reputation within the world of male enhancement thanks to its life-changing benefits.VigRX has transformed the sexual lives of thousands of men all over the world. VigRX Plus has set a standard that is hard to match with a formula that comes to life through its high-quality ingredients.

VigRX Plus Stronger Erections Better SexVigRX Plus can improve men’s sexual performance in many ways including:

  • -Increasing sexual intercourse satisfaction
  • -Improving overall sex drive and libido
  • Giving men rock solid erections
  • -Increasing the ability to sustain an erection
  • -Enhancing the quality and frequency of orgasms
  • -Boosting sexual desire
  • Reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction

VigRX Plus benefits

VigRX Plus is backed by more than ten years of research that have repeatedly proven the effectiveness of the product. Clinical studies have shown improved sex drive and erection quality in as little as 30 days, full results can be seen in less than 3 months.clinicalstudies

Continue reading

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Why a Big Penis is Important to Women

If you think a big penis is not important to women, think again. In this article, we discuss the reasons why a big penis is important to women and why you may want to consider making yours bigger.

A big penis is one of the most talked about and controversial subjects of all time, the truth is that for many women a big penis is just as important as big breasts are to some men. Not all men prefer big breasts, the same can be said for women, not all women prefer a big penis, but there are those women who do.

Why a Big Penis is Important to Women

Many surveys tend to downplay the importance of a big penis, you may say otherwise, but if three guys are standing naked in front of a woman, the guy with the biggest penis will be the chosen one. I have seen it before, not that I watch a lot of porn but in some of the amateur videos involving a threesome, the guy with the bigger package seems to be the one who gets more action. Continue reading

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Things Men Should Know About Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement can be a complex process but it’s not hard once you get the hang of things, in this article, I discuss a few things men should know about penis enlargement.

One of the biggest questions I receive on my facebook page is how to get a bigger penis. With all the information available, some men are still not sure if penis enlargement really works, but it does. I was probably one of the biggest skeptics until I actually experienced penis enlargement first hand. I went through several periods researching and reading before I had enough courage to actually buy a penis stretcher, even then, the thought was always in the back of my mind that after I got it home, would it actually work?

Things Men Should Know About Penis Enlargement

I bought my first penis stretcher because I wanted to spice up my sex life.  My erect penis size was hovering around 6 inches and while my wife said she was completely satisfied, however, when my wife was highly aroused I got the feeling that she wished it was a little bigger. Continue reading

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6 Reasons to Buy a Penis Enlargement Device

A bigger penis is something a lot of men would like to have but many men are too shy and reluctant to buy one. The real truth is that every year thousands of men will buy something to increase the size of their penis. If you are a guy who wants a bigger penis here are 6 reasons to buy a penis enlargement device.

6 Reasons to Buy a Penis Enlargement Device

 1-. Improve erection quality (Penis Pump)

More blood flow means stronger erections, that is why penis pumps were developed. There are two kinds of pumps, hydro pump’s (use water) dry pumps (use air) hydro pump’s like the Penomet and Bathmate use water to create pressure, what this does is increase blood flow to the chambers that carry blood in your penis, forcing more blood into those chambers makes erections much harder and fuller.

2-. Gives men more staying power (Penis pump)

A penis pump is literally one of the best exercises you can perform for your penis, when you use a pump, you normally have a partial erection anywhere between 60% – 80%, while you are pumping it forces you to contract and hold the erection   the more often you do this the less likely you are to ejaculate prematurely, frequent  use of a pump will help you maintain an erection longer. Continue reading

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Cheap Penis Enlargement

4 of the most popular entry level penis enlargement devices that any man can afford.

Penis enlargement has become very popular, primarily because thousands of men who have had the experience of using a penis enlargement device are glad they did, not only can they provide men with a bigger penis, they also offer other benefits such as improving erection quality and prevent symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

There are many different companies that sell penis enlargement devices and some are what are classified as stretchers, others are classified as pumps, either one can help increase penis length and thickness, in this article I will describe the four best selling penis enlargement products that won’t break the bank but at the same time will help you increase the length of your penis by up to 3 inches and up to 30% more in girth “thickness”.

I do realize this article is pretty long but I wanted to outline as many of the features of each product as possible

Let me start with penis pumps

Penis pumps are a great entry level starting point for most men who want to increase the size of their penis, they are simple to use and in most cases offer very good results in a relatively short period of time, most modern penis pumps use water and can be used discretely in the shower or bath and usually one or two 15 minute back to back sessions 4-5 times per week is more than sufficient.

Most men literally notice instant swelling after the very first pumping session but one thing to consider is that initial swelling only lasts for a few hours, permanent results are seen after 4-6 weeks of consistent use, there are two very popular products, one is the Bathmate the other is the Penomet, either product cost under $130.00. Continue reading

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MaleEdge Penis Stretcher

The MaleEdge penis stretcher offers men an affordable way to increase the size of their penis

The MaleEdge penis stretcher offers men a device that delivers results at a very affordable price. I have tried many different stretchers over the years and the MaleEdge stretcher stands up to its reputation. When I first began looking into a penis stretcher for myself there were so many products. This made it difficult to make a decision on what penis enlargement device worked the best. In this article, I will review the benefits of the MaleEdge penis stretcher.

My first penis stretcher was a SizeGenetics, I bought it over 8 years ago, back then it was not as refined as it is today. Over time it has undergone many changes that make it very comfortable, but it is more expensive than other penis stretchers on the market, that is why I decided to do a review on the MaleEdge.

The MaleEdge offers just as much comfort as the SIzeGenetics but it’s a much cheaper alternative. The basic SizeGenetics stretcher cost £163.00 which seems expensive when compared to the MaleEdge basic which only costs £110.00. MaleEdge offers the same level of comfort and features making it a good value.

MaleEdge Basic

The most popular penis stretcher sold by MaleEdge is the MaleEdge basic, the entry level device cost £110.00 and it comes with everything you need to get started increasing the length of your penis. -> Order the MaleEdge basic

MaleEdge Penis Stretcher

Continue reading

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What is the Best Penis Enlargement Solution?

What is the Best Penis Enlargement Solution?What is the best penis enlargement solution for men? This is probably one of the most common questions every man asks resulting in a variety of answers.

Every man will have his own personal opinion on what works best. if this is your first time looking at different penis enlargement options, something you should take in to consideration is that purchasing a penis enlargement device is no different than purchasing anything else, you get what you pay for!

Inexpensive products really don’t work, anything under $100.00 will probably end up in the trash or hidden in your dresser drawer  shortly after you unwrap it. Most inexpensive penis extenders and pumps are made from cheaply made materials that will break quickly or be painful to wear. Below are some of the best options you may want to consider for increasing the size of your penis.

What do you want to achieve length, thickness or both?

First you should have in mind what you are trying to accomplish, if your goal is to increase both the length and thickness of your penis you may need more than one device. Lets take a look at the options.

Penis Extenders (traction devices)

Penis extenders and stretchers can give men good results, when it comes to extending the length of the penis, men who have used a penis stretcher for an extended time (6-8 months) can expect an increase between 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) and 3 inches (7.62 cm) inches in length, it all depends on consistency and how many hours a day you wear the device. Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Male Enhancement Supplements

Young man sitting on bed with supplement pill in handDoes male enhancement supplements work? they do and here is why.  Sexual virility forms an integral part of the male persona and ego. In spite of the repeated assurances that it is the technique that counts and not the size this may hold some truth,  however while some women may be somewhat forgiving about penis size most will expect better sexual pleasure from a man who can perform with a strong and hard erection.

Men who have a small penis or suffer from weak erections “spaghetti erections” feel inadequate and often develop a deep-seated inferiority complex. For those men, this setback spills over and affects their ego and can make men feel inferior resulting in issues that may affect their relationship.

Others, who might not allow the size of their penis (and erections) to affect them, still are hopeful that they can find some means to increase the size of their penis. Hence, the popularity of male enhancement supplements. Continue reading

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Female Arousal and a Quick Way to Increase Penis Size

Handsome man looking down his pantsWe all know that in the land of penis enlargement that many men feel that a bigger penis is better, if you just went to bed or you woke up in the morning its usually an opportune time for a quick romp “sexual encounter” with your female partner , usually those quickies are not usually enough for most women to get their juices flowing but for a guy its very easy to achieve orgasm, in most cases the vagina is moderately moist but there is plenty of friction, usually making a guy come to orgasm quickly.

A different scenario when a woman is really excited

Most women enjoy oral sex and for men it is a good way to please their female partner, especially if they feel uncomfortable with the size of their penis, however once you have satisfied your woman with oral sex the vagina is now extremely moist and has slightly increased in size, this may require a little more from you in the size department, if you do in fact have a smaller penis it might not be enough, this is not the end of the world and there are solutions.

It is important to understand the female vagina, the average depth of the vagina is around 3 to 4 inches in length, obviously this can vary from woman to woman, however when a woman is aroused it can become much larger both in length and diameter, there is actually a name for this and it is called “vaginal tenting” during sexual arousal tension in the vagina pulls the uterus upward which has an effect on the vagina become deeper and wider, when this occurs the female vagina can almost double in length reaching a length of 6 to 7 inches deep which can easily accommodate a fairly large penis. Continue reading

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