Penis Surgery for Enlargement

A big penis is something many men obsess with and its kind of crazy when you think about it, specially considering the fact that there have been so many surveys and statistics on how women feel about penis size,  if you look at reality most women are completely satisfied with the size of their partners penis, however some women have said that they prefer a thicker penis to a longer one, yes most women do say girth is more important than length.

So why all of the hype

The movie industry or adult porn industry have had a lot to do with men wanting a bigger penis, and while some men are very well endowed most men are average, what is considered average you ask, if you look at country statistics,  penis size can range between 4 and 6 inches and average is around 5.8 inches.

You have probably heard of the term are you a shower or a grower, meaning there are those men whose penis length when flaccid is almost the same size as when erect ‘shower’ when it is erect the size increase is minimal, other men posses a shorter thicker penis when flaccid,  but when erect it can almost double in size which is considered a “grower”. This can be very uncomfortable especially in a public place such as a public bath or dressing area.

Penis surgery

While there are many methods for men to increase their penis size, surgery is one of them, any surgical procedure can have risks and penis enlargement surgery is no different. There are two different procedures that may be performed and one is for increasing length and the other for increased girth ‘thickness’.

To lengthen the penis the most common method is to cut the suspensory ligament followed by plastic surgery to cover the new length, as a result the penis will increase in length and hang down lower, the issue with cutting the ligament is that in spite of the penis being completely erect during arousal it will point downward,  unfortunately in some cases the results have not been favorable, in fact some men have only seen a very small increase in size, the only reason men would want to have this procedure done would be in the case of having a micro penis which is considered anything under 2.5 inches in length,  or because of some congenital defect, otherwise surgery should only be considered as a last resort.

Surgical thickening to increase the girth of the penis can be done in two ways, one is by fat transfer, this procedure involves injecting liposuctioned fat from the groin or abdominal area in to the ‘dartos fascia’ underneath the skin of the penile shaft, the other method is placing grafts of dermis which are extracted from underneath the skin of the groin or inner thigh and then placing these grafts underneath the penile tissue. In the case of a  fat transfer procedure in less than a years time men will lose over 90% of the thickness due to the fat being absorbed back in to the body.

Surgical complications

As with any surgery there can be complications including infection and severe hemorrhaging after surgery,  in the case of surgical lengthening some men may suffer from what is called ‘scrotilisation’ of the penis, making the organ look like its rising from the scrotum instead of the wall of the abdomen.

Surgery should be a last resort considering there are so many other conventional methods that are safer such as using specifically designed devices such as penis pumps or stretchers that have no known risks and are very inexpensive.

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